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Destination: Chadstone

  "Originality in art puts charm where it wasn't." - Eli Siegel   It's no secret I love architecture. From ancient to ethnic, modern or futuristic, there is an awesome quality to forming and transforming light and space that just mesmerises me. As much a technical discipline as it is an art form, it is a favourite subject to study and admire both at home and abroad. So it should come as no surprise that Chadstone is one of my favourite local destinations for inspiration.    The grandeur of this incredible gridshell rooftop , the sheer volume of white light flooding in is absolutely awe-inspiring! Is there any wonder that this stunning place is one of Melbourne's most luxurious destinations for shopping, dining and entertainment?   The stunning Laduree café and concierge desk   Shopping Now before anyone starts thinking I was here to shop, I'd like to clarify on this occasion there is absolutely no merit to that intention

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